Fundraising Ideas

We help organizations raise money to fund ongoing team expenses

Is your team paying to attend your weekly training? Is any revenue generated from large Regional events being spent on renting space for your regular meetings? Looking for a way to offset the costly expenses incurred when renting rooms to accommodate your growing team? See how your team can earn money while, at the same time, equipping them to succeed! Contact us Today!

Why you should choose Verbal Aikido for Ultimate Networking Success

Our IYF (Ignite Your Freedom) Ambassadors will work with you to fund-raise in the way that best suits your goals:
  • It is so easy, even if you are new to fundraising or have been fundraising for years, our IYF Ambassadors help to design the perfect program to meet your fundraising needs.
  • Your event can be a straightforward sales event, either online or at a local venue of your choice
  • Your IYF Ambassador will answer questions and give advice on our products as well as taking care of the nuts and bolts of the selling process