What do Warren Buffet and Richard Branson have in common???

What do these two gentlemen have in common?

Warren Buffett
Sir Richard Branson

Both agree that the most important skill any leader can possess is Communication. To quote a recent Forbes article ( ‘Branson is one of the many business leaders who credit effective communication skills for much of their success’.

‘Warren Buffet believes effective communication will instantly raise a person’s professional value.’

Looking back, before meeting James MacNeil and learning about Verbal Aikdio-Pure Communications Mastery, we really did not realize how communication plays such a vital role in all areas of our life.

Heck, we went to school and learned Math, Sciences, Language Arts and all of that good stuff but other than being scolded for maybe saying the wrong thing are we ever truly ‘taught’ how to actually communicate? Both how ‘to’ communicate to be heard, understood, accepted and respected and then on the flip-side to ‘hear’? Truly ‘hear’ what someone is communicating to us??

I used to be terrified to get up and speak in front of the class… If the teacher ever asked for a volunteer to come up to the front of the room I did everything possible to avoid any type of eye contact and luckily was rarely chosen.

It wasn’t until I had my first managerial position that I actually had to, on a regular basis, get up and speak in front of a group of people. And that was certainly learned through trial and error, I didn’t attend a class or a course to help me through that. It was more learning from how other people presented themselves in front of their teams and then a ‘fake it until you make it’ attitude.

How about you?? Looking back, where did you learn how to communicate?



Looking outside-in we had a great life…..

Fantastic marriage with my soul mate. I held a great position in a reputable global company. We had a very nice home, great relationships inside and outside the home, lots of friends. We had it made. But there was something missing.

The summer before my 40th birthday we were introduced to a business opportunity and having failed outside the Corporate safe harbour before (in the entrepreneurial world) I was hesitant to even take a look.

After much nagging from my husband… (yes, men do nag…..more about that later J). I finally bit the bullet and offered to ‘listen’ to what was being introduced. Within 20 minutes I fell in love with concept and was IN! That door that I had been looking for, that was actually standing right in front of me all the time, finally opened. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh (picture the door opening and a beam of sunlight shining in)……..

Only, I had grown up in the corporate safe harbor (steady paycheck, good salary, annual bonus checks, benefits) and didn’t have the slightest clue that those skills gained in the my professional career were not the same skills needed to be successful as an entrepreneur…(picture that bright light starting to dim)…

I knew I had to get a support system and learn the skills to become a success in this endeavor. The transition from Corporate to the wonderful world of being an Entrepreneur was an emotional rollercoaster but a great adventure!! I embraced becoming a student of self-development. More specifically the skills needed to be successful outside that corporate umbrella (or what I was used to).

Would you like to know the one skill that has impacted my success the most?

You guessed it, its communication. That is what we are going to really focus on in this blog. Communications specifically the Art & Science of Pure Communications Mastery.

Vebal-Aikido-homepage-logoVerbal Aikido marries emotional intelligence, or EQ, with the non-confrontational martial art Aikido. Its truly brilliant!!! We’ll be sharing how Verbal Aikido has impacted all areas of our lives, both professionally and personally.

Communication is everything and EVERYTHING communicates!

After making small checks in our business we continued to seek the knowledge of those who have had success. We continued to make small incremental improvements that lead to bigger checks but none that impacted us more than the skills we will share with you here.




Back to that day when I was sitting in the back of that SUV……



A few weeks prior we had been extended an offer to assist with a Habitat for Humanity house build and we jumped at the opportunity. We travelled there with friends from our church and I had worked, with the other ladies, down in the basement.

It was a dark (the only light we had was a flood light on an extension cord), dirt floor basement with a low (~5’) roof and we were tasked with gluing sheets of insulation onto the concrete walls. It was very hot day, for mid-June, and beyond toasty warm in that small basement. The work was not glamorous by any means. We were hot, sweaty and dirty (as it had rained earlier in the day and we were on a construction site and all). But I felt GREAT!!!

In the back of that SUV I looked to my left and saw my husband, who had been building the front porch all day and could have been the shining star for a Dove commercial. With overflowing love in my heart announced….. ‘THIS is exactly how I want to feel at the end of each day!’

I finally found what I was searching for……

We Discovered What Was Missing!!


Like most I started my entrepreneurial adventure while I was still in the corporate world. Full of vim and vigor and confident that I would be a success, I set out to ‘grow my business’. I was going to share this opportunity with anyone who I interacted with, heck everyone could benefit from this. I was on a mission. That is, until I heard my first ‘NO’.

Someone actually said NO to this? I was stunned, how was that possible??

Time went on and we persevered. We had lots of failure and minimal success. Sure we made money but it was tough. Our income was based solely on our efforts, we were spending a lot of time ‘on’ the business but not ‘in’ the business. Because of our fear of hearing NO, the majority of our efforts were spent on things that were out of our control.

We were trying to ‘perfect’ the presentation before we actually gave a presentation. We were trying to ‘fine tune’ the marketing material rather than just printing and using the material provided by the company. We were trying to become ‘experts’ in the services that we offered, rather than letting the company, customer service and those who were paid to be ‘experts’ in that area handle that. All of our energy was focused on areas outside of our control, rather than that which we could control. Namely actually picking up the phone and talking to people. Genuinely sharing what we had to offer from either a business opportunity or a service/product offering.

We weren’t about to give up and quit so what did we do? We went to seminars. Boy did we go to seminars. Seminars are great, we learned a lot but none of the learnings were actually getting us into action.

This is where I took a step back and decided it must be because of ‘the’ business material, it certainly wasn’t because of me or the way I presented the information. C’mon, really?? How could I mess that up?

Well guess what, afer much searching I discovered it most certainly was ME and the way I had communicated the opportunity. I had actually robbed some of my friends and family from even hearing what I had to say because of the way I had said it. I actually, for lack of a better term, barfing my business on them rather than ‘sharing’.

We realized that the common theme that wove through all of our challenges was that we had not mastered communication.

Pure Communications Mastery, imagine what that skill would bring to your life?

The Day My Experience Failed me!


How did I get here?

I sat in the backseat of the SUV, all dirty and sweaty. That empty void that I had been searching for had finally gapped open and I knew exactly what it was.

A few years earlier I had read a book, ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert and it stirred something up in me that I didn’t even know existed and it started me on a path of self-discovery. Professionally, spiritually and many other areas of my life. I yearned to travel more, give more and to do more than just ‘enjoy’ my job and wish the weekdays away for the weekend to arrive. I had been blindly following the status quo for 20 years, moving towards one goal, only to find out the whole thing was a lie……

I knew there were hundreds of thousands of people in the exact same situation as me. Blindly going through the motions….day in day out….getting up, going to a job, fighting traffic home, having dinner with the family to only fall into bed and start the process all over. For others it may have looked slightly different in that instead of going to a job it was at home and looked more like laundry, grocery shopping, gardening, cleaning, cooking, helping with homework….again….only to fall into bed at night to get ready to start the process all over.

That day in the back of the SUV I felt a ‘glimpse’ of what I truly wanted to feel like at the end of a day.

Would you like to know how I made the transition from a corporate professional to successful entrepreneur? Are you interested in how I was able to finally get out of my own way?

If so, then check back soon. I’m going to show you the epiphany I had, but more importantly, I’m going to explain how you can use it to get out of YOUR way!

Why ‘I’ was NOT looking for another Opportunity!


Hey, this is Tammy, and I want to ‘officially’ welcome you to our world. My husband David and I will be sharing with you how we believe we can create Freedom & Abundance for you and your life.

That is our mission, our true possibility, our purpose, to create Freedom & Abundance, through whatever means possible for as many people as we can.

This has evolved and started back in the early 2000’s, not long after we had met.

Ours was a fairly typical story.

We met when I was 30 and David was 33. David had been separated for a bit and I was still searching for my soul mate, not willing to settle for anything but the best. Instead I put my energy into my career and was thankfully gainfully employed as a mid-level manager in a Global transportation company.

We had a great courtship that resulted in us saying our ‘I Do’s’ a short 2 ½ years after we met (I’ll tell you later how we met, it’s actually a pretty funny story. I’ll tell my side and David can tell his, obviously the details are a tad different for each of us).

A couple of years into our marriage a good friend of ours shared a business idea with us that we both felt was aligned with who we were (it involved helping children worldwide) and we decided to jump in with both feet. To make a long story short, unfortunately we were not equipped with the skills needed to develop a true start-up business and we eventually admitted to ourselves and our partner, about 4 years into it, that we needed to close things down.

Tens of thousands of dollars in debt, we were not in the position to start looking elsewhere and instead eased back into our Corporate jobs and became very happy with the steady paycheck, the ~3% salary increase per year, the benefits, the pension that started to compound. We had it good and with that we were able to pay off what debt we had left from the business venture.

Still licking our wounds the last thing “I” was looking for (I’ll fill you in on why it was ‘I’ and not ‘WE’ another time) was a business opportunity.

Stay tuned for more…..