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James MacNeil is a Best Selling Author, Speaker and Consultant to five of the world’s top banks. He’s the owner of the Global Communications training company “EQ Communications”, and one of the world’s most sought after speakers having addressed over 2000 live audiences worldwide.  Sharing the stages with mega-brands such as Anthony Robbins, Les Brown, Steve Forbes, Robert Allen, T Harv Eker and Sir Richard Branson just to name a few.

Our non-confrontational philosophy of Aikido prepares participants to remain mentally ready for interactions with others, regardless of the circumstances.

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Our Story Here at Ignite Your Freedom

David and Tammy Stanley are the co-authors of FREEDOM=(TIME + MONEY)2: The Simple System to Rock Your Finances (Ignite Your Freedom) and the Executive Producers of Verbal Aikido for Ultimate Networking Success.   Discover the skills needed to accelerate your path to success and create the life you and your family deserve!


Together, David and Tammy have been invited to international stages with world-renowned speakers. If you want to win the money game in life, their expertise is exactly what you need – a fresh, practical, real-world perspective from someone who’s been ‘there and back’ and come out with peace of mind and a comfortable lifestyle. 


Over 5000 students in over 130 countries during our pre-launch of Verbal Aikido for Ultimate Networking Success. 


Needs to be Shared by Every Network Marketer!!! For too long the Network Marketing industry has suffered a bad rap. It is the fastest path to wealth. This course teaches it all..... program will catapult network marketers success AND make them feel really good about themselves along the way! This will be viral, can't wait to see it happen!
Deirdre - Canada
This is the best course on Udemy. If you are willing to take this course, please be patient and practice what you learn because there is a ton of information in there. This course transformed my entire life. Thank you James MacNeil very much.
Ahmed - Egypt
NOT WHAT I WAS EXPECTING It is actually even better. If you are really committed to achieving great success, then this communications tool might be the one you'll end up using every day. Transformative content, thought out perfectly and delivered with James' quality of teaching. I've been applying and monetizing these skills since the first week.
Alejandro - Mexico
Just went through your first module of communications success life changing material indeed! Only the concept of three ego states, which is a drop in the ocean, not only made me realize about why I have been failing to connect with people but will change the way I communicate with people the rest of my life.
Owais - Pakistan

To deserve greatly you must first serve greatly.
James MacNeil
True financial freedom comes from having a passive income where you do the work once and continue to get paid over and over.
David and Tammy Stanley
Everything you need to be great is already inside you. Stop waiting for someone or something to light your fire. You have the match!
Darren Hardy
Trust, in the dark, what you knew to be true in the light.
James MacNeil
Never be afraid to blaze your own trail.
David Stanley
You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.
Jeff Olson